Making the Flax and Amaranth Peruvian Flower Essences

Star Riparetti

My friend Roger Valencia had mentioned to me that he had planted a field of Linseed (Flax) at his place in San Salvador, Peru, and that when he had been there a couple of weeks before they were all in bloom: the most beautiful color of pale blue/purple.

This magical land in San Salvador, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, is the place that I used to own with Roger. I have enough to do, and I am very happy here in Santa Barbara, so I eventually sold my half to Roger and he still owns it. It is my very favorite place in Peru. When I get to that valley, a remarkable, special peace comes over me- every time!

Lights and whistles sounded when Roger mentioned the Linseed and its color. I said, "That sounds like an essence. Do you think they will still be in bloom?" He had a big smile and said probably so (we never really know until the moment- so there is always that suspense), and that he had told Flore, the guardian of the land, that I would probably be making a visit.

When I got back to Cusco from Machu Picchu I called sweet Walter, who has a car (taxi) and organized for him to take me to San Salvador.

We had an absolutely exquisite day making the Linseed/Flax essence, with grace at every juncture. In my research I saw that Flax is one of the oldest cultivated plants- perhaps the oldest. Lots of ancient memory there...

The Linseed/Flax essence is called "Recalibrate and Flourish" and addresses fibromyalgia, arthritis, and joints. It helps to bring us Vitality, Resilience and Grace in Our Body, as well as Awaken Ancient and Multi-Dimensional Memory.

While we were in that valley we were noticing the beautiful Amaranth in bloom. The Amaranth began talking to me. The next day we were back in that stunningly gorgeous valley- back at the base of Pachatusan Mountain (which means "Anchor of the World")- making the Amaranth essence.

There were many things that guided me to the Amaranth. For one, the name Amaranth caught my ear this time. The woman who helped to raise me had the birth name of Fairy. True! Fairy Leticia Holland. She belonged to an organization called the Order of the Amaranth (it is a masonic order for women, similar to Eastern Star). I felt like her spirit was guiding me, and while we were making the essence, I could feel the fairies playing in the gorgeous field of deep purple/red Amaranth with its everlasting blooms.


The Amaranth essence is called "Regal Amaranth ~ RA" and assists us with reaching our highest potential. Be Strong, Versatile and Efficient; Recognize and Honor the Presence of Spirit.

Walter, my driver and buddy, totally enjoyed the experience of making these essences. He could feel them, and felt they were very strong. He said these were days he would always remember.

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