$ 20.00
Golden Bach Flower

Selfless Love; Emotional Security

Ability to nurture others in a balanced, loving way that honors their individuality and respects their personal choices.

Pattern of change: Over-investment in the lives of loved ones; attempting to "fix" or control others; emotional neediness

The addition of Cornflower to this essence gives it a broader spectrum and adds additional relevance for 21st century concerns. While Chicory helps us to release the need to control, change or make others to be what we deem more "perfect," Cornflower helps us to release our idea of what perfection is. Rather than merely adjusting how we respond to the behavior of others, we can actually adjust our perception to the level of acceptance where there is no "right" or "wrong." We can love unconditionally and truly See others as beautiful, sentient, free spiritual beings.

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