Using Essences Holographically: Taking Essences as Service

Arielle Ela•Ra

We are blessed to live in a time of Awakening. Though its opposite can sometimes feel like the more prevalent force, more and more of us are becoming aware everyday of our interconnectedness, and the fact that there is more to this world- and to us- than meets the eye.

There are many beautiful tools to assist us on our journey of Awakening, including flower and gemstone essences. Traditionally, these vibrational remedies have been used for personal healing, well-being and development- and as our individual consciousness impacts the collective consciousness, this in and of itself is an act of service to the world. But what if we were to take it a step further? What if we were to take essences for the world, or for others?

What if we were to use essences holographically?

Scientifically, a “hologram” is defined as a three-dimensional image created with photographic projection, or formed by the interference of light beams (as from a laser). Spiritually- and for our purposes here- a hologram is a blueprint of material reality constructed by the light frequencies of our thoughts and intentions. Whenever we use our desire and intent to manifest something, it exists first holographically- essentially as an etheric scale model.

Clairvoyants can often see these holograms, or incoming realities, in people’s energy fields. An example is when I was working on manifesting a romantic relationship. An entire year before my partner and I physically entered one another’s lives, two different psychics did a reading for me and talked about my “boyfriend” in the present tense- the energy of his hologram was so pronounced in my field that they were certain we were already in relationship! (They also described his appearance in remarkable detail, including that he was holding a guitar- all of which turned out to be true.)

Technically of course, whenever we use essences with deliberate intent- for instance to manifest healing of a physical malady- we are using them holographically, because on an energetic level we are fashioning a hologram of our desired reality (in this example, a body in perfect health)! However when taking essences consciously on behalf of others, we are projecting that hologram outward: making the “holographic” terminology that much more appropriate, and how I am choosing to define it here.


So how does one take essences holographically?

You can think of using essences holographically as simply an added dimension to the prayer and positive visualization you’re probably already doing for your loved ones and for the world.

Following is a suggested meditation you can use- and these steps aren’t strictly necessary. Ask for and listen to your own inner guidance. The protocol can be very simple or very elaborate. You can choose to invoke and involve whatever deity, angel, saint or other loving, evolved light beings are meaningful to you. You will develop your own process that is unique to you (and possibly unique to each focus).


Holographic Love Meditation:
  1. Center and clear yourself, in whichever way works best for you personally- through breathwork, meditation, time in Nature, or sacred movement. It can be nice to spritz yourself with Star Essence’s Crystal Clear Spray.
  2. Ask the higher self or overlighting deva of the person, place or situation you are making your focus for permission to send healing. You will intuitively feel, hear, see, sense or simply know the answer. (If it is no, honor that.)
  3. If it is yes, set your intention and continue with the process. Remain open and flexible throughout for suggestions or guidance from the focus’ higher self or spiritual guardians, or from your own. Remember you are simply an instrument.
  4. Focus on your heartspace and on love, until you can feel an expansive energy in your heart chakra (you may feel it in your higher heart, or thymus chakra, as well). It may feel warm, tingly, soft, or even like a rush of emotion. The experience will be unique to you.
  5. When you feel fully in this heartspace, visualize a glowing energy vortex of love in front of you. It may look like a spinning chakra, or like a sphere or a disc- it may be green or pink or gold. However it wants to manifest for you is fine. Project the love from your heart into this energy field and feel both it and yourself continue to expand as if you are fed from the same stream of unconditional source energy (you are).
  6. Now visualize the person, place or situation you are making your focus and place them respectfully into this love vortex.
  7. Take drops of (or mist yourself with) the essence chosen for your focus, and intend that this energy is also going into the love vortex, and into them. Reaffirm or elaborate on your intention if it feels appropriate. Most importantly, send your focus the omnipresent love and support of the Universe, and envision them fully held in the space of their highest good, and embodying their greatest potential. Create a hologram of divine perfection and enfoldment.
  8. Gently, like blowing a kiss on the wind or releasing a bird into the sky, send or project this love vortex/hologram to your intended focus.


Note that even if your focus’ higher self or overlighting deva has given permission for healing, they themselves may not be ready to fully receive it just yet in this dimension. That’s okay. So long as you have honored their free will and acted in service with the blessing of the divine, your love hologram will contribute to their highest good at the rate and level that is perfect for them.

Again, throughout this process, honor the universal law of Free Will. This means honoring Divine Will. It should go without saying that using essences holographically (and any other undertaking) should never be done with an intent to manipulate, control or interfere... Or with overly-specific prayers or visualizations (however well-intentioned) that try to dictate a particular outcome to a Universe with, let’s face it, far more infinite possibilities for good than we can imagine!

A good way to preface your intention when using essences holographically is the old stand by, for the good of all. Or, for the highest possible outcome. You can also close with: this, or something even better!


You can take essences on behalf of…

    Individuals in government.
    Countries or cities.
    Groups, organizations, corporations or minorities.
    Threatened species or habitats.
    Gaia, our Mother Earth.
    Loved ones, acquaintances or even strangers in the news you feel called to uplift.
    Humanity as a whole.
    Peace, Prosperity, Light, Love, or any other positive paradigms seemingly in need of more anchoring in this dimension.


    Some tips:

    Choose one person, situation or collective to make your focus, and one essence (or blend of essences) to use on their behalf. Ideally this is the only essence you will take for your chosen duration of service. If you feel guided to use another essence to support you during the process- or if you detect that something shifts with your focus and they require a different or supplementary essence halfway through- that’s okay. Your intuition is your best guide.

    You can use essences holographically as a stand-alone practice, or commit to a daily practice over a number of days for a specific focus.

    You should only use essences holographically as service when feeling clear, grounded, and energized. Select a time and duration for your service that is free of excessive scheduling, obligations, emotionally charged events or stress. (And if any extenuating circumstances should crop up, stop the process. You can resume at a more ideal time.)

    Remember that often the things we are most triggered by or called to be in service to relate to something that we ourselves are working on or needing to balance. Always, you are both the healer and the healed, the teacher and the student. Stay open, aware, and fluid. Let yourself be surprised and delighted by the process.


    The word hologram comes from the Greek: holo meaning “whole,” and gram meaning “message.” When we use essences holographically, we act holistically. We send a message of wholeness and love to the world, and to ourselves.


    Arielle is a long-time Star Essence employee and practitioner who has been using Star Essences for over 15 years. She also creates her own essences and alchemical blends which can be explored at


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