7 Hormone Balancing Essences for Women

Brandy Oswald

7 hormone balancing essences for womenThe female body is powerful and complex, capable of completing a monthly cycle of life and death right before our eyes. Keeping our hormonal cycles regular and balanced is crucial not only to healthy menstruation and pregnancy, but to overall female health. It is our hormonal cycles that regulate temperature, hair growth, supple skin, energy levels, moods, and more.

We’re living in a time when the production and use of hormone-disrupting chemicals is at an all-time high, making it ever more important to support our hormonal systems. Today, we’re bringing you 7 hormone balancing essences to support the female body and keep hormonal systems healthy and balanced.

7 Hormone Balancing Essences for Women


Female Reproduction; Processes & Issues

The Bushilla Peruvian flower essence is a powerful essence for female reproduction at any stage. It works to balance and heal relationships with the females in our lives, including mothers and female partners. This essence is featured in our Magnificent Moontime and Glorious Menopause constellation blends.


Divine Goddess

Intuition; Deep Issues

Divine Goddess is an Andean orchid essence that supports birthing, anchoring, and balancing the divine energies. This is a great essence for increasing one’s self-esteem, as well as managing PMS and hot flashes.

Moonstone, Blue Rainbow

Mystical Insight, Peaceful Cocoon

This beautiful, iridescent moonstone offers mystical insight, clarity, and enhances intuition. The physical benefits of the blue rainbow moonstone essence are felt in the head, throat, and sinuses, essentially targeting the pineal and pituitary glands. Moonstones are also beautiful connections to the goddess energy; supporting conception, pregnancy, birth, and the female hormonal system.

Pink Tourmaline

Hospice Work, Protection; Endocrine System

Pink Tourmaline works to soothe the emotional body. With its gentle, feminine qualities, it is incredible at addressing hormonal imbalances, especially as they relate to the endocrine system.

Glorious Menopause

Fun, Empowering Time of Life; Balance Metabolism/Temperature

With the Glorious Menopause essence women experience a fun, gentle, graceful, yet empowering menopause. Use this essence blend to balance metabolism and temperature during this deeply profound and powerful time of life.

Magnificent Moontime

Honor, Enjoy, and Tune into Your Feminine Cycles and Rhythms

Experience graceful menses by honoring and enjoying your body’s cycles and rhythms. Mood swings, cramps, bloating, and cravings can all be addressed with this supportive, feminine blend. Using this essence will support you in remaining balanced during your cycle, aligning you with your feminine energy for a gentle, comfortable flow.

Begin taking a few days before moontime begins and continue taking throughout your cycle.


Free-Flowing Creativity, Energy; Abdominal Discomfort

Hessonite, a variety of Garnet, is used to regulate hormone production, stimulate metabolism, and fortify the immune system. This balancing essence calms the nerves, quiets the mind, and can relieve symptoms of depression. It is a great essence for supporting the feminine sexual organs and discomforts related to bloating and cramping.

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