Have the best autumn yet with these fun fall essences

Brandy Oswald

autumn fall essences

With cooler weather and shorter daylight hours, we have begun to usher in the delights of Fall. From hiking to Halloween, bonfires to deliciously-spiced pies - there is much to love about the fall season. Today we’re highlighting a few of our favorite fall activities and the vibrational essences that support them so that you can have the best autumn yet!




Hiking, one of the most beloved fall activities, is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors even as the weather cools down. It allows us to stay active, have fun in our bodies, and bask in the natural beauty of fall. From foliage to scurrying animals, hiking is a magical way to connect with nature.

To support your beautiful fall hikes, reach for our Nature Communion and Spunky essences. Nature Communion is a hike in a bottle that both enhances connection to nature and to the physical body, allowing for hikers to tune into their physical bodies while connecting with nature. Spunky is a fantastic essences supporting physical stamina and endurance, as well as adventure and courage, making for incredible fall hikes.

Basking in Autumn Aromas

There are few things more enjoyable that the comforting aromas of hot apple pie, spiced orange tea, and the gentle burn of pine. For many folks Fall is defined by mom’s apple pie, spiced tea in the morning, and the soothing scent of pine trees. While flower essences do not carry the scent of the flowers, they do carry the powerful energy of the flowers. This fall try coupling autumn aromas with the energetic power of flowers. Head outside, gather some pine needles and make a few pine smudges for a natural pine-scent indoors. Simultaneously use our Pine essence to access the self-acceptance and self-love powers of the pine tree, while basking in the soothing aroma of your very own pine smudge.


A fan favorite of fall is gathering with loved ones around cozy, warm bonfires as the sun sets. The bright red flames, roasted marshmallows, and shared laughs that take place around a fall bonfire are one of the most joyful aspects of the season. Embrace the heat of fall bonfires by adding the Red Sardonyx gemstone essence to your wellness routine, allowing you to stoke your physical fire and feed emotional warmth.

Design Awesome Halloween Costumes

Another incredibly fun, fall activity is to design halloween costumes for yourself and your family. Most of us get caught off-guard in early October and find ourselves with absolutely no idea on what to do for a halloween costume. Feeling uninspired and lacking creativity, many folks forego the joy of dressing in a halloween costume all together.

This year can be different. Grab our Artistic Inspiration and Project Catalyst to boost your creativity and drive to dream-up, craft, and carry out your halloween costume designs.

Travel for the Holidays

As mid-fall approaches, we begin to gear up for holiday travels. We become reliant on planes, trains, and automobiles - perhaps, more so than any other time of the year. Rather than dreading delays and jet lag, embrace your travels this year with our Travel Solution essence blend. Travel solution increases adaptability and coping mechanisms, allowing you to work through travel delays and unexpected changes with patience and ease. It also offers relief of motion sickness and jet lag.

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