As Within, So Without... As Above, So Below

Star Essence

by Kristine Haugh

When I was a teenager I was fascinated by the metaphor of the hologram; that no matter how many pieces you break it into or how small each piece is, there can be seen, in each fragment of the original whole, an image of that whole. Around this same time, one of my favorite high school teachers, Mr Roche, showed us how to turn over the hand we were using to point the finger of blame at someone else in order to see the 3 fingers there pointing to ourselves. Wow. 

These 2 metaphors do so much to help us take responsibility for our own personal environments, internal and external, before sending judgment and anger outward to others. Where, in our own lives are we careless with the thoughts and words we put out about others, releasing thought pollution into the environment? Where are we sending negative energy out that weakens our own ozone layer (aura)? What emotions are we refusing to love, embrace and process and instead dumping them into a collective ocean of unconsciousness?

We are of the earth, we are an integral part of her and what we do and feel and heal, so does she.

For those in the Santa Barbara area, I am offering an event on Earth Day called “Heal Your Self and Heal the Earth with Vibrational Essences.” This playshop will offer tools that will help us each take responsibility for our personal Global Climate Change, raise our own resonance and therefore assist with the transformation process of the Earth. Look for more for information soon at or call (805) 965-1619.

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