Star of Bethlehem and Rock Water to the Rescue

Arielle Ela•Ra

The timeliness of new essences here at Star Essence never ceases to amaze me. That magical and quintessential "moment of bloom" that Star speaks about relates to seasons and cycles far above and beyond the physical world. Whether it's a flower, a gemstone, or another vibrational offering, it always seems to show up in perfect divine timing when its gifts are of heightened relevance and value, both collectively and personally. (For "energetic forecasts" of upcoming/incoming frequencies and themes, we could often watch the essence producers of the world just as effectively as the astrologers, channels, psychics etc.!)

The new Golden Bach Flower Essences Star of Bethlehem and Rock Water were an especially prime example of this. Having the honor of preserving the Mother essences and collaborating with Star on the descriptive information, I had tuned in and immediately resonated with their gifts on a personal emotional level. So when I was guided to take a bottle of Star of Bethlehem home over the weekend, and add Rock Water to that same bottle, I assumed it was for my own process.

The next afternoon while at his restaurant management job, my soul partner Marlon cut his hand deeply on a broken champagne glass and had to have stitches. We were waiting for over 2 hours to be seen by a doctor, and initially he was very agitated and upset- not just from pain, but anger and sadness that it had happened and concern about his hand’s mobility, as he is a guitarist and would be starting classes at Musician's Institute in less than 2 weeks.

I administered drops of the Star of Bethlehem/Rock Water essence to both of us every 15 minutes, in addition to some Reiki energy healing. Within a very short amount of time Marlon completely calmed down and felt peaceful and optimistic about the outcome of his injury (Star of Bethlehem). Though he had been planning a rigorous schedule of guitar practice, he was able to let go of these high expectations of himself and trust that recuperation time would not impact his ability to perform in his classes (Rock Water). By the time we got into the exam room he was joking around with the nurses and doctor. I continued to give him more of the essences throughout the examination and treatment, and he maintained an excellent sense of humor throughout the whole thing and was in high spirits for the rest of the day. He also had extremely minimal pain or discomfort and was back on the guitar within a week!

We are both deeply grateful that the injury was so minor, and that we had Star of Bethlehem/Rock Water to support us. The bottle I made of these essences has already needed refilling a couple of times and we continue to utilize it daily! It has additionally been of immense value seeing us through some shocking but ultimately positive changes and events in our extended family.

I will be carrying these beautiful allies with me for some time!

Arielle is a long-time Star Essence employee and practitioner who has been using Star Essences for over 15 years. She also creates her own essences and alchemical blends which can be explored at

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