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Grandfather Gray Whale / Eschrichtius robustus  Animal Essence

Changing the Past; Record-keeper

Whales are record-keepers for all eternity. There are treaties around the world to protect them. Signed by hundreds of countries, even ones that have no water. Humanity knows, on a deep cellular level, that the whales carry a vast amount of knowledge. They are the record-keepers of the earth. Some of the very important knowledge they carry relates to how we can change the past.

    This essence, a gift from the grandfather gray whale passing through the Santa Barbara Channel, has many levels of attributes. One very important one is to help us recreate our past, to make PEACE in our own hearts and in the heart of the planet. It will be much easier if we change history, and we can. We, being the microcosm of the macrocosm, must have peace and harmony in our own hearts in order to have peace and harmony on the planet. Begin to remember your past differently. You can remember a happy marriage, a happy childhood, etc. From there begin to remember happy, peaceful, harmonious times for others and for the planet, regardless of what you may have been taught to remember in the past. The Whale Time Essence can support you in this activity.

    Another quality of the whale essence is to teach us how to save ourselves from extinction (whales have brought themselves back from the brink of extinction twice). The Whale Essence will help us know the destiny that is coded in our DNA. This helps us to know the significance of our life. And it is a navigation tool.

    The Whales (as well as the dolphins) know how to work with the new children on earth; the Indigo children, the Crystal children, the children that are here to help guide us into our golden future. They bring the potential for peace and harmony on our planet. This essence will support and promote our connection with these children. It will also support the children in their work, their missions. I'm sure that this is only the beginning of the attributes and gifts of this essence, as with all of the essences.

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Whale Time is an ingredient in: Happy Pet, Happy Pet Spray, and NOW ~ New Order of Wonder.