$ 20.00
Woolly Blue Curls / Trichostema lanatum  Santa Barbara Flower

Compassion for Oneself and Others; Serenity

Gentle, unconditional compassion for all, including oneself. We move into the state where nothing offends us. Facilitates building trust in others, and realizing we don't have to do it all alone- as well as the ability to "imagine yourself in their shoes" and understand what's motivating them, and anticipate their needs. It's all about helping each other... family member, friend, neighbor, stranger... and it's the little things that count! Also helpful for feelings of anxiety or tension, and addressing all manner of bladder issues. Release judgement, resentment and fear and choose compassion, caring and understanding. Realize the other is you.

True Compassion is an ingredient in: Loving Thoughts, Kidney Formula.