$ 20.00
Total Solar Eclipse and Arkansas Quartz Crystal /  Arklantis Gem Essence

Cosmic Perspective; Effervescent Ecstacy; System Calibration; Epic Initiation.

Radical new beginnings, with a new lightness. We release the old version of self gracefully and we embrace and integrate the new version. We honor what was and our desire to participate in new creation, and stay true to ourselves. There is expansion and infinite love/light intelligence empowering our ability to create our highest soul calling.

With our commitment to ascension and our I AM presence, this essence can help activate and elevate our creative faculties, skills and abilities. This can mean deleting some old parts of ourselves and bringing on line some new parts. There is a system calibration to rejuvenate us and allow us to hold more light.

This essence was made with a recently excavated clear quartz crystal during the total solar eclipse, in the path of totality, in Hot Springs Arkansas (Arklantis) ~on an island in the crystalline Lake Ouachita.  The biggest vein of Quartz in the country and second in the world runs under this magnificent lake.  The white dragon energy was there weaving energy around us.

Suggested Use:
The codes are within us. 
The light and energy of this essence can activate those codes.
Take seven drops 1-7 times a day (as directed by your own divine director). Regulate your frequency/vibration by the number of times you take it.
If things start moving too fast decrease the amount of times you take it in a day.
Suggest you keep the number of drops at seven.