$ 20.00

Sacral Chakra

Joy in Action; Digestion, Reproduction

A rare variety of Garnet. Spessartite’s cheery orange ray floods through the energy bodies with its uplifting and clarifying confidence, inspiring us to take initiative in our lives. It can help to reveal and move beyond anything that is blocking access to our joy, and to the next octave of experience, especially fears. (Good for resolving nightmares.) It is a wonderful ally for delving into the subconscious, opening the door and offering support while allowing your will to determine when and how far to proceed over the threshold. An immensely creative stone, Spessartite also makes a natural companion for those in the artistic or intellectual fields, assisting with concentration and ingenuity. It is appropriate for addressing fertility, conception and all aspects of sexuality, including acceptance and resolution around so-called “taboos”. Like all Garnets, Spessartite is a potent tool for manifestation.

Anatomy keywords: endocrine and immune systems, heart, circulation, lymphatic system, kidneys, bladder, digestion (food intolerances), small intestine, reproductive organs, arthritis, calcium balance, depression