$ 46.00
2 oz. Spray + 1 oz. Constellation

Safe, Protected, Courageous

Healthy Vibrational Boundaries; Great for the Very Sensitive; Overlit by Archangel Michael

Assists the creation of a harmonic frequency around you so nothing disruptive can enter your field. A valuable formula for healers and other sensitive folks! It can be especially useful before entering hospitals or health care facilities, as well as courthouses, prisons- anywhere with potentially harsh energy where one desires to be of service without being adversely affected. Also helps to filter electromagnetic pollution from electronic devices and high tension wires, or while traveling in big cities, especially in and around airports. Feel confident! Lovely to use on the perimeters of your house, yard, office, etc. (inside and out). Many have reported that this spray helps them to drift into a pleasant night's sleep, wrapped in its fragrant cocoon of safety and reassurance. Archangel Michael blesses this blend with his protective shield.

Essences: Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Faith and Courage (Odontoglossum), Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/ 24K Gold), Gold + Silver/White Chakra (Sobralia setigera), Magic Healer (Plantain), Strength of Achilles (White Yarrow), and Blue Sapphire

1 oz. Constellation Base: 80% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 20% vodka as a preservative

2 oz. Spray Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water

2 oz. Spray Essential Oils: Rosemary, Frankincense and Lemongrass