$ 20.00

Angelic Healer; Heart and Lungs

Nurturing, feminine Seraphinite takes its name from the Seraphim sphere of angels, and is an important stone for connecting with angelic energies within all of the celestial realms. Its green color also aligns it with the Nature realms, especially winged elementals like fairies, and with natural cycles and patterns. It is a quintessential heart stone, enfolding the heart space in its feathery silver wings and gently brushing away build-up of discordant energies, while its deep green ray lovingly replenishes, nourishes and expands. It can help to revise and rebuild the heart matrix, preparing for greater spiritual expansion and enlightenment. (This makes it very appropriate for those who have shut down or erected shields around their heart- and this applies to all of humanity in some respect.) A subtle yet profoundly cleansing stone, Seraphinite also relates to the Kundalini and can support the clearing of the entire chakra system, as well as the physical body (helpful on the acupuncture points to clear the meridians). Supportive for self-healing.

Anatomy keywords: heart, lungs, blood (strengthening), muscle tension (neck), cancer, cellular regeneration, nutrient absorption