$ 20.00

Universal Soother; Brain, Circulation

Gentle higher dimensional healer and catalyst. Scolecite’s energies lightly descend around the head and upper body like an exquisite, sheer white mantle of spiritual nurturing and divine unfoldment. It works extensively with the heart, including the high heart (thymus), as well as the third eye (pineal). It is deeply supportive for meditation, conscious healing sessions and any peaceful altered state, including sleep. There can be receptivity and connection to highly evolved wisdom from the angelic and galactic realms, spirit guides, enlightened past civilizations, and your own higher self. The more translucent and clear parts of Scolecite illuminate the subtle spiritual body and mind, while the more opaque white parts enter the physical and emotional with a purifying milky quality, soothing, smoothing, and transmuting. All of its aspects are about love, a highly personal-feeling Divine love. It addresses social and group dynamics, stress, insomnia, mental imbalances and emotional patterning, past and present. While being calming and understated in its approach, Scolecite can also be very powerful for a variety of physical ailments and inspire profound mental clarity. Its overall softening effect can be used to moderate more intense gems or other healing modalities.

Anatomy keywords: nervous and immune systems, circulation (blood), lungs, intestinal health (parasites), metabolism, eyes, brain, serotonin balance, muscles, spinal alignment, bruises and wounds, stress relief