$ 20.00

Emotional Warmth; Physical Fire

Like Black Sardonyx, Red Sardonyx addresses and enriches one's physical being, experience. Its warm coloring brings an extra "heat" to the balancing gifts of Sardonyx, with the ability to burn away stored weight and impurities. Energizing, freeing, flowing. It can also bring more balance and passion to romantic partnerships, said to foster greater happiness and harmony within the home, including the bedroom. (Any "excess" in the relationship- such as ego- may also be treated to Red Sardonyx's cleansing fire.) Also said to banish grief, and be useful for grid work to heal tension and negativity in high-density areas.

Anatomy keywords: metabolism, circulatory and nervous systems, lungs, larynx, thyroid, medulla oblongata, vitamins B, C and E deficiency

Red Sardonyx is an ingredient in: Perfect Weight.