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Chakra Gem Collection

Peace and Understanding; Heart, Lungs, Voice

A variety of Garnet, Rhodolite is a stone of inspiration. It encourages contemplation and intuition in balance with action and intellect. Its gentle, supportive energy also assists with enhanced self-worth and can heal old wounds related to guilt or shame. Own your gifts and share them with the world- define your unique voice and sing it loud and clear! Blessed by the Buddha, the Zeal Point Chakra, or ascension chakra, is opened with this essence. Located in the back of the head at the base of the skull (the medulla oblongata), this chakra is also called the Mouth of God. As it is good to have the Zeal Point Chakra open when leaving the earth plane, this essence can be wonderful for hospice work.

Anatomy keywords: heart, lung tissue, skin tissue, metabolism, hips, sexual libido, vitamin A and B-complex assimilation