$ 20.00
Trifolium incarnatum  Arklantis Flower Essence 

The Capacity to Gracefully Recover and Adapt, During Times of Great Change

The Crimson Clover flower essence - Resilience - is very useful during this time of heightened and expanded energies that are ushering in the rapid evolution and ascension that we are experiencing on our planet Earth (and throughout the galaxies). 

This essence will assist us in maintaining balance as we receive new codes of light and expanded awareness that are moving us into Christ Consciousness. It will help us integrate the surges of light from the higher realms, and help to energize and stabilize us as we feel our spiritual gifts being enhanced as we make these wondrous shifts.

Resilience also addresses symptoms that come with solar flares, so that we can absorb these new frequencies gracefully. It supports and encourages the transition/evolution of our nervous system and electrical system as we transcend into higher consciousness. Grace during expansion. 

On a physical level, it works with cycles and things dealing with blood. It is associated with the heart chakra as well as the root chakra and over lit by Mother Mary.