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Illumination and Integration; Lungs

Also known as Angel Hair. A very high frequency gem, Rutilated Quartz is capable of bringing great quotients of Light into the body and cells while simultaneously having a stabilizing effect. It can bring enhanced clarity, expansion and understanding to the mind, including insight on past lives influencing present experience. Helps to get to the "root" of things. Very protective, filtering and blocking negative energy and other disruptive frequencies, including EMFs. (Especially beneficial for counselors, healers and others who work in close proximity to less than balanced individuals.) Celestial / extraterrestrial connection: angels, ascended masters, other-galaxy teachers and helpers. Enhanced spiritual nourishment through the breath.

Anatomy keywords: respiratory system (bronchitis), thyroid, muscles, blood, intestinal tract, hair growth, impotence/infertility, mercury poisoning, fatigue, anxiety, depression

Rutilated Quartz is an ingredient in: Illumination, Crystal Clear Spray.