$ 20.00

Mystical Insight, Peaceful Cocoon; Head, Throat, Sinuses

A beautiful iridescent moonstone with an intense blue flash. Mystical Insight with clarity- it enhances intuition and give us flashes of insight. It helps make it easier for us to connect with the higher realms. It helps to create balance of the higher frequencies. It helps to create a cocoon of peace around us. The physical benefits occur in the head, throat and sinuses. It especially targets and energizes the pineal and pituitary glands! It is even said to strengthen the teeth. It has a soothing effect on the stomach when there are emotional imbalances causing stress. Appreciation for change. Good for divination and good for empathy. Can help to bring healing rest, helping one to reach a calm peacefulness, and deep tranquility. Moonstones are always beautiful connections to the goddess and empower our working with the goddess.

Anatomy keywords: abdomen, intestinal tract, digestive system, reproductive organs (especially female), conception / pregnancy / birth / breastfeeding, pineal and pituitary glands, hormones, skin tissue, pelvic concerns, fluid retention, insomnia and sleepwalking, hyperactivity