$ 20.00
Ida jamesiorm oakley  Andean Orchid

5th Dimensional Frequencies

Soul Growth. You feel this essence right away in the heart. Helps us to luxuriate in the fifth dimensional frequencies of unconditional love. Truly know that all life is connected- and that in all choices, to consider the whole. We made a contract to become multi-dimensional during this ascension cycle, and we are transitioning into higher levels of our multi-dimensional selves. This essence can give velocity and acceleration to our entrance into the world of the invisible- and enable us to view the transformation taking place so that it is easier to remain calm during this activity. We can claim our 5th dimensional abilities and become aware and in touch with our own inner brilliance and genius. This essence helps us trust the process as we continue to expand. We are able to stay in this potent space of peace and neutrality. We come into alignment with new programs easily. We move beyond duality into Oneness and Unity.

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Light Codes of Unification is an ingredient in: Harmonic Concordance.