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Calm and Centered; Head, Throat, Skin

Kyanite is one of the few gemstones that doesn't accumulate or retain undesirable energy and therefore never requires clearing or cleaning (very protective). It activates third eye opening, is tranquilizing and promotes relaxed awareness. It is excellent for meditation, connection to higher self, sleep, and dream recall- especially for those who have difficulty calming their minds. Hear sounds of silence. Integrates light body into the physical, facilitates body-mind connection. Good for communication with angels, animals and guides. Also aligns the chakras, provides centeredness, uplifts mood, and encourages compassion and display of affection. It links resources to gifts, promotes new ideas and new thinking. Self-expression and inner truth are vitalized.

Anatomy keywords: throat, muscular and urogenital systems, skin, brain (cerebellum), adrenal glands, thyroid and parathyroid, blood pressure lowering, weight loss, pain relief

Kyanite is an ingredient in: Happy Pet, FAB Spray, Happy Pet Spray, Holy Harmony Spray.