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Peace, Truth, Good Fortune; Detox and Rejuvenation

The energy of this gem simply plunges into the physical, flooding it with rejuvenation and a deep sense of peace (like a trip to the spa). This gem is specifically great for organs, especially the liver for detoxification, the kidneys and the heart for disease and cardiac issues and prevention. The deep sense of peace is not only experienced on the physical but in the mental and emotional as well. It gently eases stress, worry and restores the balance of heart and mind, especially in those mind-driven. On the emotional, it strengthens one's sense of self-esteem / self-worth, turning the focus to one's true purpose rather than the often distorted image created due to unresolved emotional "stuff".

  Imperial Jade also unlocks the truth - not only within oneself but in one's actions, situations, environment, etc. Life was designed to be simple; it is "man" who has made it complex. This gem brings back the simplicity of truth leading one to be authentic in all that is done and viewing others and the world for the truth that is. From this perspective, unhindered by the societal rules, conditionings, etc. one can experience a profound sense of freedom and even a euphoric bliss. The natural flow of life gravitates towards those using this gem and universal support on many levels is received the more open one is to it.

- excerpted from the Guardian of Imperial Jade via Sia Marchal  (www.tools4transformation.net)

Anatomy keywords: heart, hips, kidneys, spleen, adrenal glands, elimination organs, skin, hair, fertility, childbirth, body fluid and acid/alkaline balance