$ 20.00
Poison Oak Flower / Toxicodendron diversilobum  Santa Barbara Flower

Graceful Vulnerability; Safe to be Close and be Seen

This profound essence brings the gifts of emotional openness and sweet connection. It supports ability to display emotion and to get up close and personal, and make contact with others. Be open to intimacy and experience it with elegance, honesty, willingness and ease. Have courage to be vulnerable and emotionally and spiritually exposed, with gentle and joyous self-acceptance. Helps us to create reasonable boundaries and release inhibitions. For long-term and established relationships, this essence can reveal even deeper levels of understanding, compassion, connection- and forgiveness. Poison Oak also addresses patience, and the release of irritation. If someone or something is "rubbing you the wrong way", this essence can help to soften feelings and adjust perspectives! And of course- this essence can be beneficial in treating physical break-outs of poison oak, and other skin irritations such rashes, acne, etc.

Intimacy is an ingredient in: Angel Drops.