$ 20.00
Pink Lotus / Nelumbo nucifera  Santa Barbara Flower

Open-Heartedness; Ignite the Three-Fold Flame

The descent of the Infinite into our heart. Deep open-heartedness. This essence goes in very, very deep to open the heart. It will help us to recognize any judgment we may still have. A threefold flame resides in our hearts, and the Pink Lotus fans the spark and ignites that flame within us. Sometimes you will feel warmth in your heart after taking the essence. In ancient Egypt, the Lotus is associated with resurrection, rejuvenation, and eternal life. It is said to have mind-altering capabilities. The Pink Lotus is also associated with Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of spiritual wealth, spiritual abundance, and spiritual evolution. Reach a new level of open-heartedness.

Initiation of the Heartlight is an ingredient in: Illumination, Loving Thoughts, Yoga Mind Mouth Mist.

Initiation of the Heartlight is included in: Open Heart Trilogy.