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Golden Bach Flower

Communion with Life; Safe to Go Within

Being a good listener, and knowing when to listen. Empathetic, compassionate, attentive, willing. Positive solitude: enjoyment of being on one's own, with the divine presence. Gaining access to the conscious mind, the higher self, when quiet. Love yourself enough to value your own company. (Turn off the phone, TV, devices, distractions.) Supportive influence.

Pattern of change: Excessive talking, preoccupied with own concerns, needing attention and validation from others, fear of being alone

If there is someone in your life that you feel is more of a talker than a listener, and this sometimes frustrates you, you can take the essence yourself, to become more accepting. In that acceptance, the other person could shift as well… by being in your presence. This can work with a number of essences ~ that others around us shift to reflect our own vibrational adjustment. Perhaps it's because we transmit that essence's energy to the other person, or perhaps it's because the essence simply increases our own tolerance and we perceive things differently.

- Star