$ 20.00
Cannabis / Cannabis sativa  Santa Barbara Flower

Enhanced Creativity; Mood Elevation; Serenity

Open to the JOY. The Expanded Awareness flower essence has many gifts!! It helps us to perceive broader, wider spectrums of light and sound. It can help to generate ecstatically good cheer, possible hilarity. It increases yin qualities. It enhances creativity, relaxation, focus, and serenity.The Cannabis flower essence can lighten our mood, adjust our attitude. We can see things as funnier- the lighter side. It is also calming. Use in eye-drops. Nice as a meditation enhancer. It brings people closer together at a deeper level. It can be energy giving with a desire to accomplish tasks. It can help with insomnia. Redirect thoughts of pain. See things in a different perspective, encourage positivity. It also has aphrodisiac possibilities.