Emerald, Green

Chakra Gem Collection

Security, Harmony; Physical Strength & Health, Heart

Emerald activates the heart chakra, teaching empathy and unconditional love, facilitating the experience of an expansion of love energy. Overlit by Archangel Raphael (the angel of healing), it works very strongly in the physical field, so it assists with all physical healing. Emerald helps with understanding rhythms and helps with all forms of communication through the heart, and healing with love.

Anatomy keywords: heart, lungs, sinus, skin, spine, kidneys, liver detoxification, pancreas, eyes, circulatory and muscular systems, radiation toxicity, rheumatism, diabetes, epilepsy, infectious illness

Emerald is an ingredient in: Emancipated Master, Prosperity Alchemy, Super Immune, Prosperity Alchemy Spray, Super Immune Spray, Angel Drops, Kidney Formula.

Emerald is included in: Open Heart Trilogy.

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