$ 22.00
Grounding; Integration

Graceful Assimilation of Spiritual Energies; Comfortable Physicality; Mind/Body/Spirit Harmony

This special stabilizing blend supports our connection to our body, and can also foster our relationship with the nature kingdom, re-attuning us to the rhythms of the earth. It can be especially good for spiritual grounding, and becoming centered; it encourages us to be present, and to accept the present. Thus it can be useful for getting into alignment with the intense energies that are pouring forth, and for adapting gracefully to the dimensional shifts occurring. Vibrationally it represents a bridge between spirit and matter, supporting the ability to ground and assimilate spiritual energy into the physical body.

  With this blend we can also be supported in harmonizing physical/mental/emotional/spiritual, and filtering out old energies or patterns that aren't in alignment with the incoming new. This cleansing of the emotional fields can be one of the greatest challenges of the Ascension process, as our energetic body can become "split" (like the proverbial straddler with each foot on opposite banks) between old heavy energies and incoming highly refined cosmic frequencies. Symptoms can include feeling scattered, spaced out, disoriented, disengaged with our bodies, flighty, uncomfortable in physicality, out of sorts, off-center... We can also experience clumsiness and find memory recall and retaining information more difficult. This Down to Earth formula is intended to address the smooth integration of these higher frequencies while simultaneously shedding/releasing anything dissonant, so that we can utilize the new energies to their greatest potential. And feel good in the process!

Essences: Anchoring Light (Sobralia dichotoma), Balance and Stability (Habenaria), Graceful Shift (Fennel), Impatiens, Integration (Mutuy), Star of Bethlehem, Andalucite, Bronzite, and Charoite.

Base: 80% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 20% vodka as a preservative.