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Chakra Gem Collection

Clears, Expands; Kidneys, Digestive Issues

Citrine enhances concentration, clears old thought patterns, and is a bridge to access the divine. Jesus came to overlight this essence, to help us prepare for greater spirituality as the citrine opens our inner sight and hearing. Useful for intellectual communication and balancing the rational mind. It resonates with sovereignty, courage, confidence, self esteem. The sunlight it represents is uplifting and helps us recognize beauty and joy.

Anatomy keywords: heart, liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, thymus, thyroid, digestive system (constipation), muscles, blood circulation and detoxification, menstrual / menopausal symptoms, radiation clearing, selenium / zinc / vitamins A, C and E assimilation

Citrine is an ingredient in: Prosperity Alchemy, Prosperity Alchemy Spray.