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Balance duality; Eyes, AIDS

Also spelled Andalusite. A combination of red and green- making it a very interesting color- and it changes its appearance, depending on the angle and direction you are observing it from... It helps us to see different sides, objectively. This full color range fortifies and nourishes on many levels. It naturally balances duality. It is very good for these times, for integrating the yin/yang- the female/male- for balance of both within one. It is also good for the integration of the high frequencies and vibrational shifts that are occurring for our needed transformation. It uplifts, renews and energizes, and inspires a healthy lifestyle- our Divine nature. It is also said to enhance memory and recall, and chivalry! You can use it to bring on cheerfulness, and to assist in manifestation. It will amplify any other tools you are using for manifestation, and increase their effectiveness. It is associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity and generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.

Anatomy keywords: eyes, water retention, calcium / oxygen / iodine deficiency, AIDS