$ 20.00
Sobralia dichotoma  Andean Orchid

Grounding; Planetary Light Work

Be a portal of transcendence, love and service. This essence is useful when consciously serving as a divine instrument for anchoring light, connecting ley lines and healing the planetary grids. We are transducers of energy and this essence helps us remain stable, grounded and loving, adhering to the concept of peace, while doing this very powerful work. Also good to use during Yoga, T'ai Chi, Planetary Acupuncture and all forms of sacred movement. This essence lubricates the pathways so that energy can flow, enabling us to be more effective conductors of the new frequencies entering the planet. It assists with spontaneous kundalini, and allows the energy to flow freely through us, while assisting us in grounding that energy. (For that same reason it is also good to use when you feel over-energized.) Apply drops on head to bring energy in, or put drops on feet to ground and anchor energy.

Anchoring Light is an ingredient in: Celebration, Illumination, Harmonic Concordance, Celebration Blessings SpraySacred Sanctuary Spray, Yoga Mind Mouth Mist.