$ 20.00

Interconnectedness; Central Nervous System

A variety of Chrysoberyl. Augments one's ability to experience joy and appreciate the interconnectedness of all of nature. The Universe is one and we are part of that Universe. Invokes a feeling of detached peace, beyond life and death... Eternity. Watchful- the spirit of all. Embrace wholeness, unity in diversity. Reinforces self-esteem, opens the hara and the belly into space-less space. Centering and regenerative: aligns the chakras and strengthens the energetic bodies. Addresses central nervous system, creating a more balanced state. Also said to improve assimilation of protein.

Anatomy keywords: liver, spleen, pancreas, testicles (male reproductive system), neurological tissue regeneration, detoxification, neck tension, leukemia

Alexandrite is an ingredient in: Forever Young, Graceful Passages.