Introducing Marigold with Zinc

Star Riparetti

I have been lucky to have great eyesight for most of my life. Now, when I remember, I wear glasses. I’ve recently been searching for things I can do to improve my vision and I found that zeaxanthin and lutein are naturally occurring organic pigments that can improve vision. I was surprised and delighted to find that both zeaxanthin and lutein are found in marigolds. I also found that zinc, a mineral that is good for the eyes, would activate zeaxanthin and lutein. A divine combination.

I knew that I wanted to make the marigold essence and that would be easy ~ I had a brand new garden bed where I had planted my own marigolds. So I just needed to find zinc. Where would I find that? Again, an easy find! My friend and neighbor, the amazing mineralogist extraordinaire, Gary Fleck had mined zinc (sphalerite) in Tennessee and had plenty in his collection just down the street from me! I felt guided to make the marigold essence together with the zinc and both parts came together seamlessly. Thus, the Marigold with Zinc essence was created.

Then, an unexpected and super blessed event took place: the extraordinary Red Tailed Hawk experience. Read the full story here. Learn more about the constellation that came out of these two stories (Visionary), here.

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