Flower Essences - Where they come from & how they work

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New to the world of flower essences? Today, we’re answering the two most frequently asked questions from flower essence beginners. You’re not alone if you’ve been wondering Where the heck did flower essences come from. In our fast-paced world, it seems as though new health fads are constantly surfacing. The good news is that flower essences aren’t one of them.

In this post we’ll explore the ancient roots of flower essences and their powerful, natural healing properties. Let’s dig in!

History of flower essences


With their high harmonic frequencies, flower essences support change, growth, and heightened spirituality. It is often assumed that flower essence healing is a fairly young, new age practice because of the momentum that it is gaining in the mainstream media as an innovative, new approach to healing. The truth is that flower essences, in some form or another, have been used for centuries. In fact, evidence exists that flower essences were used by the aborigines of Australia and Peru, as well as by Native Americans.

In the 16th century Swiss physician Paracelsus studied the essential qualities of life, which moved him to work with the healing power of flowers. It is said that he is the first to articulate the Doctrine of Signatures theory, introducing the notion that the external appearance of a plant provides clues to its healing properties. He even had his patients drink the dew from flowers in order to access these healing properties.

Flower essences saw a modern revival in the early 1900’s with the help of renowned flower essence practitioner Dr. Edward Bach. Dr. Bach was an English pathologist and bacteriologist who gave birth to the revival of the ancient knowledge of flower essences. Inspired by 18th century German physician Samuel Hahnemann and his homeopathic principles, Dr. Bach recognized that nature provides more gentle, effective healing than many medical practices. And so, Dr. Bach went on to prepare 38 flower essences that have come to be known as the Bach Flower Essences. (Editor’s Note - Star Essences has our own line of Golden Bach Flower Essences, inspired by the very essences created by Dr. Bach!)

How do flower essences work?

Flower essences are crafted by imprinting the unique energetic signature of a flower into pure, clean water. This imprinted water is known as the mother essence. Flowers are the highest expression of a plant’s development. They are the soul of the plant. When placed in water and infused with the energy of sunlight, the flowers are able to charge the water with their energetic imprint. Being that everything that exists has a frequency, whether high or low, flower essences, and their high frequency, are able to raise the energetic frequency of users. Flower essences shift lower frequencies to higher frequencies, allowing users to operate on a higher energetic plane.


There you have it - a brief history of the ancient practice of flower essence healing and the powerful ways that flower essences offer their healing properties. We hope this helps spark a lifelong love of flower essences!

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Brandy @ Star Essence
Brandy @ Star Essence
Kristen, thank you for your sweet words. So glad to know that you are enjoying our blog!
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Kristen Blake
Thank you for the beautiful work you do. Your writing and sharing is so lovely along with the photos, products.

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