The Perfect Weight - It's a state of mind

Brandy Oswald


Perfect Weight state of mind

What if being at your perfect weight was a state of mind rather than a physical goal? What if looking and feeling radiant in your body came from a place of self-love and appreciation, rather than a place of bland diets and strict exercise routines? What if having the perfect weight came from a place of liberation, rather than rigidity?

Ahh, that would be a welcomed change of pace.

The truth is that all of this can be true. We can reject strict body goals, harsh diets, and rigid exercise routines and have a radiant body at its perfect weight. We can experience self-confidence and love without any of these things.This is what our Perfect Weight flower essence formula is all about.


With our Perfect Weight blend, the perfect weight is a state of mind rather than a physical goal.


This essence blend allows you to feel blissful and confident in your body, releasing anything that no longer serves you. It allows you to, quite literally, drop emotional weight. The essence blend frees you of unhealthy stressors, granting you the ability to experience your perfect weight - emotionally and physically.

Our Perfect Weight blend is the exact opposite of harsh diets, strict exercise, and rigid body expectations. It is about liberation. It is about feeling healthy, confident, and full of love each and every day.

This essence blend features our Freedom/Libertad essence with 24k gold to promote freedom on all levels. It also features our Let Go and Trust essence for letting go of attachments and things that no longer serve us. And, if achieving a more comfortable physical weight is something that would allow you to feel more radiant in your body our Perfect Weight blend is here to help. It contains our Inocencia Coca essence for balanced appetite and metabolism, as well as increased stamina - hello, sweaty workouts!

Oh, and there’s chocolate. That’s right, we put cacao flower essence in our Perfect Weight blend because it’s hard to achieve perfection without chocolate - am I right?! The Perfect Weight blend contains our Sublime Chocolate cacao essence, which harnesses the healing power of the cacao flower to balance the metabolism and increases appetite for healthy foods. It’s a win, win.

Perfect Weight is the - ahem - perfect essence blend for transforming your wellness habits, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and releasing any excess emotional and physical weight that has been holding you back. Some folks say it takes 21 days to form a habit, we say it takes a few flower essences, a tiny dropper, and a warm bath.  

Other fun ways to use the Perfect Weight flower essence blend includes adding it to your laundry water, beauty products, yoga mat cleaner, and smoothies.

Liberate yourself from strict body expectations. Invite freedom and ease into your relationship with your body and your life. Allow your perfect weight to be a blissful state of mind where you experience radical self-love - and, have some sublime cacao along the way!

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