11 Must-Have Flower Essences for Spring

Brandy Oswald

Star Essence - 11 Must Have Flower Essences for SpringSpring is here. We’ve made it through another winter. We are saying goodbye to sun deprivation, seasonal sadness, and lethargy. It’s time for cheerfulness, cleansing, and rebirth. Oh, spring, how we love you so!

One of the most beloved aspects of spring is the rebirth of gorgeous flower blooms. Their vibrant colors and tantalizing fragrances making us fall even deeper in love with this beautiful season.

And, that’s not all…

There are, in fact, quite a few flower essences that can help us experience more joy this spring. Cheerfulness, check. Clarity and cleansing, of course. Rebirth and graceful transitions, without a doubt. There’s even something for all the spring allergy sufferers out there.


Looking to experience more cheerfulness and enthusiasm this spring? Ready to rise above any lingering winter blues? We’ve got you covered. Give the following flower essences a try:

Star Essence Flower Essences - Spicy VitalityStar Essences Flower Essences - Pure JoyStar Essence Flower Essences - Be Happy

1. Pure Joy

This is our orange blossom flower essence. It’s perfect for cultivating a sense of elation and euphoria. You may have even seen this one added to cocktails and mixed drinks. That’s because it is a great addition to fun, fruity beverages, creating a delicious joy tonic.

2. Be Happy

If you’re looking to choose happy, positive thoughts this spring, our Be Happy essence is the perfect essence for you. Be Happy is our st. john’s wort flower essence. It aids in choosing thoughts that feel good, releasing worry, and bringing more radiant light into your life. This is a great addition to your wellness routine, especially for those who are feeling the effects of winter’s sun deprivation.

3. Spicy Vitality

This one is for all our feisty fans out there. This nasturtium flower essence is great for those looking to spice things up this spring. This essence is all about cultivating joy, exuberance, and emotional zest. Add this to your life this spring and you’re guaranteed to sparkle.


Spring, unlike any other time of year, is characterized by cleansing, decluttering, and purifying. Mind, body, home - whatever it is - this is the time of year to cleanse and declutter. Here are some of our favorite flower essences to support spring cleaning:

4. Pure and Simple

Just as the name implies our rose mallow essence is perfect for simplifying your life and allowing you to purify and release clutter with ease. Use this essence to clean, streamline, and simplify your mind body, and home.

5. Purification

Our Andean mint flower essence is a great addition your spring cleanse as it promotes balance during times of purification and cleansing. It is also wonderful for supporting a positive outlook.

6. Crabapple

Despite it’s name, our crabapple essence is not for those looking to fend off a crabby attitude. This crabapple essence is, however, the perfect support for cleansing and detoxifying. It is the essence of all things clean and pure. And, it’s great for fighting off any lingering winter colds.


With spring cleaning comes mental clarity. All that work you put in to cleaning your house, your body, and your mind ushers in a mental clarity that is somewhat unheard of during that winter months. Embrace the natural mental clarity that comes during the spring season.

7. Clear Head

This is an essence that will release tension in the head, keep you cool and relaxed, and infuse your life with clarity.


If summer is the season of maturation, fall the season of aging, winter the season of death and hibernation, then spring is without a doubt the season of birth. It is in spring that nature gives birth to beautiful flowers and vegetation, but it is also the perfect time of year for us to give birth to new ideas and to experience vitality and rejuvenation. 

8. Eternal Youth

This is Andean orchid essence promotes regeneration, rejuvenation, and rising above disease and aging. Ready to be playful? Ready to experience the joy of your inner child? This is the essence for you.


With the overwhelming rebirth that occurs during the spring season comes a time of transition. As with the change of any season it can be difficult to embrace change and feel balanced and grounded. Often with spring we feel so excited that we become easily distracted and lose our balance. It happens to us all. Here are some essences to rebalance and refocus.

9. Graceful Shift

Our Graceful Shift fennel essence allows us to experience change with ease and is the perfect essence for grounding back down this spring.

10. Sweet New Beginnings

This gorgeous pink jasmine essence enhances clarity and ease with new things, while allowing us to remain balanced throughout these new times,


Lastly, we can’t forget about our allergy sufferers out there. While spring is a gorgeous season of vibrant, fragrant flower blooms, they leave some of us suffering from pesky seasonal allergies. Try our

11. Recharge and Nourish

Recharge and Nourish nettle essence is the perfect flower essence to re-energize and reduce allergies this spring.

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