$ 20.00
Lupine / Lupinus angustifolius  Santa Barbara Flower

Quickly Helps Transmute Thoughts

Transmute thoughts, energies and frequencies with the Purifying Violet Flame. Learned emotional reactions of fear, anxiety, or other negative states can be assisted to transform into natural responses of peace and well-being. We can retrain our bodies and minds to align with positivity and joy. Those who tend to operate from base states of materialism and greed may also be helped by this essence. Purification and transmutation occurs on many levels, from where ever your frequency currently is. Transform your personal states and energies, transform the collective spiritual experience. We can potentially expand with this essence into even greater levels of purity and service, wherein our very presence transmutes negativity and liberates others.

Violet Flame is an ingredient in: Leap of Faith Spray and Now ~ New Order of Wonder.