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Explore Origins; Endocrine System

Septaria is a geode that is a unique combination of yellow Calcite, brown Aragonite, gray limestone and clear Barite. Its origin is ancient and it was formed over eons, considered to be Mother Nature’s artwork. Thus it has a strong earth and shamanistic connection, and resonates with the elemental and devic kingdoms. It has a grounding and centering effect, aligning us with the roots- arteries- of Gaia, and with the roots of humanity. It can help us to connect with our origins, whether biologically or spiritually, and can also be helpful for discovering the origin of an illness, belief system, or other mysterious issue- excellent for problem-solving.

Septaria is unique as a grounding stone because it is centered in the heart, and influences the crown and throat chakras as well, rather than working exclusively with the lower energy centers. The pineal and pituitary glands are also benefited by this stone, which has special gifts for humanity’s current evolution. It inspires balanced self-perception (humility), group harmony, tolerance and cooperation, and can help to mitigate “know-it-all” tendencies. On the other end of the spectrum it addresses shyness, and is wonderful for public speaking as it enhances communication and personal connection with the audience. Septaria is also known as Dragonstone and can align us with the dragon guardians, master teachers of the fifth and sixth dimensions, if one is ready for this level of work.

Anatomy keywords: endocrine system, intestines, kidneys, heart, blood (blood pressure), skin concerns, metabolism, teeth and bones, muscles, swelling and growths (reducing), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)