$ 20.00

ReAwaken Inner Child; Pineal and Pituitary Glands

This essence contains two warm-colored moonstones, honey and peach. Resonates with the heartspace: very softening, freeing and feminine. Let go of “should” or “shouldn’t” and flow with the spontaneous currents of your natural being, which is love. Honey-colored Moonstone can have a soothing effect on the mental body, releasing limitations and outward focus within the mind that might make us overly concerned with societal roles and obligations. Meanwhile peach-colored Moonstone connects to our inner child, and the feeling of being in a womb of safety where our authentic expression is free to be (it can also be helpful in resolving childhood traumas). Glowing sensuality and optimism supported by protective nurturing- return to simpler times, when play, presence and joy were the primary occupations. This essence can also address anxiety and worry, as well as situations where food is being used as a substitute for emotional needs. Especially wonderful for the very sensitive or intuitive child (or adult).

Anatomy keywords: abdomen, intestinal tract, digestive system, reproductive organs (especially female), conception / pregnancy / birth / breastfeeding, pineal and pituitary glands, hormones, skin tissue, pelvic concerns, fluid retention, insomnia and sleepwalking, hyperactivity