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Universal Truth; Throat and Thymus

A powerful protector and spiritual catalyst, Lapis Lazuli has been a popular adornment for priests and priestesses since ancient times. It enhances Wisdom, Universal Truth, and Total Awareness, including of one's personal strength and authority. (Very empowering for those who may have stayed "small" or silent in the past- time to move into new liberating patterns.) Addresses voice, power of mind, intuition, memory. Releases and heals emotional wounds, encourages bonds of love and friendship. Also quickens reflexes and aids clear choices, helping to keep a positive outlook. Harmonizes the heart and mind, and is a potent thought amplifier. Good with Amethyst and Rose Quartz to mellow its effects.

Anatomy keywords: throat (tonsillitis), larynx, respiratory and immune systems, thymus, thyroid, bone marrow, lymphatic and nervous systems, blood pressure, RNA/DNA repair, pain relief, migraine headaches, vertigo, insomnia

Lapis Lazuli is an ingredient in: Peaceful Sleep.