$ 20.00
Rosemary / Rosemary officinalis  Santa Barbara Flower

Remembering; Clarity

This essence deals with remembering on all levels. “I remember who I am, I remember my gifts, I remember what I came here to do, I remember how to manifest.” ("I remember where I left my keys.") Excellent for clarity in all realms. Certainty of self. Creativity, inner peace that creates prosperity, to heal oneself, and to be one with Spirit. It also strengthens the immune system. Awakens the full memory of our own potential. When we remember what we are really supposed to do in life, it can restore our health. When we remember what all of humanity is supposed to do, we can heal the world...

I Remember is an ingredient in: Brilliant Student, Prosperity Alchemy, FAB Spray, Prosperity Alchemy Spray.