$ 20.00
Red-tailed Hawk / Buteo jamaicensis

Sharp Vision, Master of Observation

Helps to awaken sharp visual acuity — inner vision and outer vision. Fosters the ability to navigate and embody many layers of understanding, and illuminate the grander picture.

Helps cultivate the ability to receive divine messages and higher guidance.

Encourages taking the risk to meet new people, and in connecting with “our people.”

Inspires a creative life purpose and helps to align with the original intension of our soul.. and supports us while we hold the vision for a better and brighter future.

Promotes finding a higher vantage point to view the whole picture, as well as being able to shift from a broad perspective to a microscopic laser focus on your vision.

Helps to improve our observation skills.

Read the story of making the Hawk Eye essence.

Base: 80% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 20% vodka as a preservative.