$ 20.00
Golden Bach Flower

Rational & Collected; Facing Fears

Feeling safe to be oneself, sane, and in control of one's experience. Positive, balanced, rational and composed emotional expression. Ability to move forward fearlessly, trusting in a higher path. 

Pattern of change: fear of losing control - especially of one’s behavior, mind and/or emotions, nervous breakdown, panic attacks, obsessive fears, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), delusions, despair, desperation, rage, PMS, temper tantrums, feeling trapped/suffocated, irrational, mood swings, hypersensitive, uncontrollable impulses

Golden Cherry Plum covers a broad base of fears, from the mundane- to the very esoteric. The spectrum of the Golden Bach essences is broad. The gold helps boost them to another octave. One of the gifts of this essence is that it can help us face our fear of moving into our next level of service. Whatever we are doing now, I feel we are all being called to level up a notch. This can be uncomfortable. This essence can help. It can give us strength, courage, and encouragement. It can help the soul feel the fear and do it anyway. It can help us remain rational, confident and composed, feel guided and protected and help our soul overcome fear, even when it is extreme. It can help us regain composure and give us an increased ability to cope. If you feel you are going to lose your mind or explode (or implode) take Cherry Plum. It can help you during extreme adversity, and give you calm strength during a crisis. On the higher level we can enter deeply into the unconscious and access the great spiritual insights gained through difficult events.

- Star