$ 20.00

Cosmic Destiny; Cellular Memory

Can connect us with our inner mystic. Chalcopyrite radiates a warm, purifying spiritual energy that resonates with Truth and has the potential to melt blockages within our energetic and cellular structure. It is great for meditation and can help us to understand our role here on planet earth. Insights about present life circumstances, especially as they relate to those in past soul experiences, including ancient civilizations. May also help us find things we have lost- objects, identities, abilities... Good for self esteem and belief in ourselves. Addresses the higher chakras- clearing, stimulating and activating them. It is also a stone for abundance, magnetizing prosperous thoughts and experiences. There is vibrational impetus to birth golden ideas and experiences from within, and to emerge from our shell.

Anatomy keywords: cellular memory, brain, tumors, veins, excretory organs, arthritis, bronchitis, inflammation, fever, antibacterial, hair growth, RNA/DNA healing