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Constellation + Spray for only $20/bottle!

(Normally $22/Constellation and $25/Spray)

Enter the Sacred Heart Shrine; EmBody The Temple

This high vibrational Holy Sacrament resonates with divine splendor and subtle euphoria. The Blue Lotus Temple is the temple~ shrine that is within our own heart. We can be our own sanctuary of empowerment, love, knowledge and peace. Welcome hOMe.

Essences: Eternal Youth (Epidendrum ibaguense), Grace of Creation (Blue Water Lily), One Heart (Epidendrum cuscoense), Sacred Union (Maxillaria), Golden Rock Water, and Gold-24K

1 oz. Constellation Base: 80% Activated Sacred Healing Water / 20% vodka as a preservative

2 oz. Spray Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water

2 oz. Spray Essential Oils: Rose and Black Pepper

Take the drops directly or place them in a vessel of pure water or other sacramental liquid... You can also use as an offering, or to anoint with. Spray your heart, aura and above your head... Feel the glorious grace raining down on you.