$ 20.00

Nature's Midwife; Assimilation and Elimination

True to its name and appearance, Moss Agate possesses a powerful Nature connection, including alignment with the elemental and devic realms. Supportive for agriculture, botany, gardening, herbal and essence therapies, and all pursuits relating to growing, living things, including water bodies! Wholesome, grounding, stabilizing. A stone of wealth- representing the nurturing energies of our collective Earth Mother- it can simulate prosperity. Helpful for birthing on any level: addresses fertility, childbirth, creativity, project completion, healthier lifestyle choices, "turning over a new leaf."

Anatomy keywords: circulation, lymph, immune system (colds, flu), pregnancy, skin (fungal infection), digestive issues, eyes, anti-inflammatory, protein / nutrient assimilation, mental and emotional disorders (depression, anorexia nervosa), weather and environmental sensitivity (allergies)

Moss Agate is an ingredient in: Sacred Sanctuary Spray.