Star Riparetti

Creator and founder of Star Essence Flower and Gemstone Essences

Star, a vibrant spirit originally from Santa Barbara, California, now resides in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where her journey into vibrational medicine is flourishing. With over 30 years of expertise, she transitioned from her role as Chief Technologist and Director of the School of Nuclear Medicine Technology at the Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara to become an innovator in the field of flower and gemstone essences. She also took groups to Peru for over 20 years.

In 1994, Star founded Star Essence, beginning with the Andean Orchids of Machu Picchu. Star Essence now offers over 250 singular essences and 30+ unique formulated blends, including the popular Constellations. Her innovative Sprays, combining pure essential oils with vibrational essences, have garnered widespread acclaim.

Star is a speaker and educator and has graced both national and international stages, leading seminars and certification courses. Her Practitioner Certification Course has empowered individuals worldwide to harness the transformative power of Star Essences. 

Star is also deeply connected to nature, practicing yoga and tai chi chih, and is an active member of the Arkansas Master Naturalists. She has also created a gathering place for healthy, high vibe, love filled events in Mountain Pine AR. called The Star Portal.

Star's ultimate aspiration is to contribute to human evolution and the global pursuit of peace and well-being for everyone. Her journey and insights are captured in her book, "Bliss and Blessings: The Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences.Her passion for vibrational medicine shines through in every essence she creates, embodying joy and integrity in each drop.

For more of Star's story and the creation of the essences, see her book Bliss and Blessings: The Divine Alchemy of the Star Flower and Gemstone Essences.

Roger Valencia

Co-creator of the Andean Orchid Flower Essences  and editor of the Star Pocket Oracle

Roger has blessed Star Essence with his many gifts!

Back in 1993, Spirit put together some amazing ingredients to wonderfully connect North America and South America. It was at that time that Star met Roger while traveling in Peru, and this embodied master forever changed her life.

 A native Peruvian, Roger was born in Cuzco and educated in Lima. He has degrees in business, in chemistry and in tourism. He is fluent in five languages including Quechua, which is one of the languages of the indigenous people of Peru. He is an awesome guide and an avid botanist. He co-founded a non-profit organization called "Pacha" (meaning "Earth" in Quechua) whose function is to plant trees.

As magic would have it, one of Roger's hobbies is "orchids in the wild." He loves them. He has written a book about Andean orchids and has a wonderful relationship with them. Roger has an uncanny ability to find the orchids. They seem come out to say hello when he is around. Before meeting Star he studied them mostly from a botanical, scientific viewpoint. Together, Roger and Star have developed a true co-creative partnership, jointly facilitating many trips to Peru and manifesting the Andean Orchid Flower Essence Project. Since making and working with the flower essences Roger has become a flower essence enthusiast.

Roger currently resides in Cuzco. (A sister city to Santa Barbara!) He is married and has two sons and is a grandfather. He is a highly respected guide, leading treks into the rugged Andes. His company is called Auqui (which is Quechua for "mountain spirit").

One of Roger's most recent projects, and one close to his heart, are the Andean Lodges. These lodges are co-partnered with the indigenous people, who are so grateful to have Roger's help and expertise to build these four lodges high in the high Andes. Building these amazing lodges is an ultimate win/win situation. The people of the villages have learned numerous new skills, learning to build and to run these top of the line, top of the mountain lodges. You hike from lodge to lodge. The participants on these treks enjoy a deep interaction with the indigenous people. It is truly a wonderful cultural exchange. This is a highly recommended trip!