$ 24.00

Size: 1/2 oz. aromatherapy bottle with reducer cap

Spread the Love

Injoy; Resplendent Bliss (Lovely After Bath or Shower)

Aromatically and energetically enchanting and provocative! This intoxicating blend inspires free expression of the heart-full unity within the joys of the physical form. It brings in the frequencies of ecstatic love, remembering we are the beloved. The warm, spicy essential oils in this formula make for an earthy and exotic aromatic experience.

Anoint your luscious self; anoint your lover. Dab on pulse points, heart, belly, erogenous zones, or anywhere you desire! (Avoid direct contact with eyes and tender or sensitive areas.)

Essences: Freedom/Libertad (Xylobium w/ 24K Gold), God/Goddess Unity (Banana), Mango Paradise (Mango), Open Mind/Future Vision (Mugwort), Sacred Union (Maxillaria), Wild Feminine (Wild Potato), Morganite, and Pink Sapphire

Essential Oils: Bergamot, Clove, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Vetiver

Base: Activated Sacred Healing Water (no alcohol)

Beloved Anointing Oil is included in: Love Apothecary Trilogy.