$ 20.00
Golden Bach Flower

Patience, Understanding; Trust in Divine Timing 

Live life calmly and gently, with poise. Flow with the pace of life trusting in divine timing, giving space for things to unfold, having faith that things are working out and evolving. This essence can help us to stay conscious of what we are doing and not rush off in our heads to the next thing. Being patient and calm will often accomplish more than erratic running around. For many the message is to slow down… as things are moving quickly around us. It can be easy to spin out by reacting too quickly. Impatiens reminds us to take time and appreciate where we are and to appreciate others. Sometimes it is necessary to take things slowly. Things are evolving at their perfect pace. We can learn to have patience with ourselves, and the time it takes to integrate new energies and frequencies. Useful when going through any type of treatment, change, recovery, healing- or when awaiting manifestation and implementation of dreams, intentions or projects.

Pattern of imbalance: impatience, irritation, tension, intolerance, moving too fast, ungrounded, frustrated, premature... emissions/decisions/actions.

Impatiens is an ingredient in: Down to Earth.