$ 20.00
Xylobium  Andean Orchid w/ 24K Gold

Manifestation; Ascension

Addresses freedom on all levels. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to manifest. It is about truth at all levels. It assists in realigning to our original divine blueprint. It assists our evolution into our multidimensional identities. As you build this frequency, it radiates out to automatically assist anyone who enters your field. It enhances other modalities. The frequency of 24 karat gold added to the Xylobium works synergistically and assists in opening dimensional doorways. We are being guided to take this essence several times every day, as a service to others, to the planet and to ourselves, to maintain a frequency beyond mass consciousness, regardless of what other essences we are taking. (We are researching this essence in regard to fetal alcohol syndrome and alcoholism.) Freedom/Libertad assists in creating truthfulness.

Read the story of where the gold came from.

Freedom/Libertad is an ingredient in: Emancipated Master, Forever Young, Glorious Menopause, Magnificent Moontime, Man Alive, Perfect Weight, Prosperity Alchemy, Radiant Sensuality, Shield of Light, Super Immune, Cool Flash Spray, Crystal Clear Spray, Love Lover Beloved Spray, Prosperity Alchemy Spray, Shield of Light Spray, Super Immune Spray, Angel Breath Mouth Mist, Star Speaker Mouth Mist, Angel Drops, Beloved Anointing Oil, Harmonic Concordance.